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In the summer of 2015, local Vermont musician Tyler Chase was fresh out of his high school band, and was ready to explore the idea of writing, producing, and releasing music all on his own. It was in that time that Sounds & Scenarios (originally named No Faith) came into fruition. That October, Chase released the self-titled No Faith album, writing and producing it using his iMac 09, featuring the hit single "Treetops," which dominated college radio in his local area. In January of 2016, a follow-up EP, "Warning Sign," was released, featuring "Hollow," another hit on college radio. The EP shied away from an aggressive pop-punk sound in favor of two indie/dream pop songs, and two acoustic songs. Months later, Tyler Chase announced that his project would be renamed to Sounds & Scenarios, a lyric reference taken from a song by his favorite band at the time, blink-182. He then got started working on his second album, "The Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night," which kept the theme of having acoustic/indie music while also blending in old No Faith influences. The album's leading single, "Colebrook," was Chase's first song to make it to the airwaves of the west coast, being featured on one of Seattle, WA's biggest independent radio stations. Shortly before the release of the album, he relocated to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music, where he would eventually release "Things I Need to Leave Behind - EP" in the following months. It was also where he befriended a man named Dylan Walsh. Explaining to Walsh that he was interested in turning Sounds & Scenarios into a full band, Chase hired Dylan Walsh as the guitarist of the (now) group. Eventually, Jayesh Prakash was also hired into Sounds & Scenarios as the drummer, as well as lead guitarist Josh Cuevas and bassist Stephen Martin, leaving Tyler Chase to solely handle vocal duties from that moment on. However, Stephen Martin's time with Sounds & Scenarios would prove to be short, as he and the band parted ways in the summer of 2018. It was after that time when Avery Jones was hired as their full time bassist. After parting ways with guitarists Dylan Walsh and Josh Cuevas in 2019, Tyler went back to playing guitar and the band hired Chris Karas as Cuevas's replacement in the meantime. The band recently released their strongest work yet –– their EP 

While You Roam ​–– which is available on all streaming platforms.